A new urban viewing platform in Barcelona


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May 18, 2022

Contemplating a city from on high can be captivating and more so if it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Iconic buildings and monuments, streets full of history, urban plans worth exploring, the city’s “green lungs”, the Mediterranean as a backdrop… It’s true that in Barcelona there are various places where all this and more can be seen, but what if there was a place where Barcelona could be observed in a completely different way? A new viewing platform for contemplating the city beyond what we see at first glance, for rediscovering and reimagining it.

Ready to see Barcelona like never before?

Barcelona has reason to celebrate. On 20 May 2022, Mirador torre Glòries opens. A multidisciplinary project that combines art, technology, scientific information and environmental commitment. A reinvention of the traditional model of viewing platform located in none other than the most spectacular skyscraper of 21st-century Barcelona. This double observatory goes beyond breathtaking views from a height of 125 metres and offers a surprising look at the city, revealing it to be a living organism that is constantly transforming. A new way of seeing and feeling Barcelona, where the amazing installation Cloud Cities Barcelona, by Tomás Saraceno, can also be enjoyed. If you would like to buy tickets for the new observation platform in Barcelona, you’re in luck! Go to

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