Visitor Regulations

Access to the Mirador and/or Cloud Cities Barcelona is subject to the possession of a lawfully acquired ticket, in accordance with these General Terms and its suitable presentation to TEC staff, on the date and at the time established for the visit. In any case, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Junior tickets for children between the ages of 14 and 17 visiting the Mirador without an adult must be purchased at the ticket office or through the booking centre at or 93 547 89 82.   

Users who have purchased their tickets online must present them at the entrance for this purpose at the time indicated during the purchasing process. Once the ticket has been validated by TEC staff and the legitimate ticket holder has accessed the facilities, they may not return if they leave. Visitors must keep their tickets for the duration of their visit.

TEC staff may request, at any time during the visit, proof that the person who has acquired a ticket at a Reduced rate meets the circumstances that give them the right to said discount.

TEC staff may refuse access to the Mirador and/or Cloud Cities Barcelona if the ticket is damaged, torn or shows evidence of falsification or resale. If a counterfeit or resold ticket is detected, TEC reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against the person who presents it or against the person responsible for the counterfeit or resale.

TEC reserves the possibility to search visitors who access the premises and their belongings, for security reasons, according to the applicable regulations. Visitors will have their bags, rucksacks, luggage and belongings checked. Under no circumstances are objects considered dangerous or illegal allowed inside the facilities. If a dangerous object is detected, it may be confiscated until the exit or handed to the security forces, as the case may be, and the visitor may be denied access. Said measures can be modified unilaterally by TEC if there are circumstances that require it, such as changes in the Spanish Anti-terrorist Alert Level (NAA in its Spanish acronym).

TEC reserves the right of admission by virtue of the provisions of Spanish Decree 112/2010, approving the Regulations for public performances and recreational activities. Similarly, TEC may deny access or permanence to any visitor who: (i) shows symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropics, stimulants or similar; (ii) demonstrates an attitude that poses or may pose a direct or indirect danger to other people, TEC staff and/or the facilities; or (iii) fails to comply with any of the rules established in these general terms and conditions. The right of admission may also apply to those visitors who, having accessed the Mirador, try to access Cloud Cities Barcelona, infringing any of the regulations established in this clause, in clause 5.2 of the terms of sale or in the general terms and conditions.

Purchasing a ticket to access the premises implies acceptance by the user of the existing regulations established by the Spanish Ministry of Health or any other competent authority, at all times, for visits to museums and public establishments, as a result of the emergency public health situation caused by COVID-19, during both the state of alarm and once it has concluded.

TEC reserves the right to modify itineraries or limit the spaces that can be visited for reasons of public health, safety, restoration, maintenance, adverse weather conditions or specific events. These changes will not affect the ticket price nor will they give users the right to any claim.

TEC, in compliance with legislation, will control the capacity of the Mirador and Cloud Cities Barcelona according to the safety and/or conservation criteria for the respective spaces.

Smoking, drinking and eating are not permitted inside Mirador torre Glòries or Cloud Cities Barcelona at any time during the visit.

For hygiene purposes, safety and respect for others, visitors may not enter the facilities in swimsuits, bikinis, without shoes or with no shirt on.

For health and hygiene reasons, animals are not allowed inside the facilities, with the exception of guide dogs.

Scooters, bicycles and any other type of vehicle with wheels are not permitted inside the facilities.

Professional audiovisual recording devices (for example, flashes or lighting devices, tripods, lenses, etc.) cannot be brought into the Mirador or Cloud Cities Barcelona. Nor can pictures be taken for purposes other than personal use. In particular, the use of images for profit-making, business or professional purposes, without the express and written authorisation of TEC, is forbidden. If the User fails to comply with this obligation, they will fully assume any responsibility that may arise against TEC and third parties for taking and using without authorisation, any image of the facilities.

This text is a translation of the original text in Spanish. In the event of any discrepancy between this text and the original version in Spanish, the Spanish version will prevail.


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