Llum BCN Festival 2024 at Mirador torre Glòries

2, 3 and 4 February


From 9.30 to midnight, every day
Last access at 23 h


All tickets -50% off*, on sale now!

Mirador torre Glòries is the sponsor of the light installation that will be projected onto the facade of Torre Glòries, one of the festival’s main venues. For this very special occasion, the Swiss-Italian artist Elisa Storelli has created a projection for the exterior of the building that reflects the time it is on Mars using real-time data, through a representation of the Sun’s position in relation to the Red Planet. The installation, called Mira el Sol (Look at the Sun), is a unique experience that connects with the narrative of Mirador torre Glòries to provide a new perspective on the relationships between urban and planetary ecosystems and invites visitors to take a conscious and responsible look at their environment.

* Promotion valid from 2 to 4 February 2024 for online and ticket office purchases and until tickets are sold out. Promotion available from 19/01/2024 to 04/02/2024. Valid for the Mirador torre Glòries ticket and the combined Mirador torre Glòries + Cloud Cities Barcelona ticket. You can find all the terms of sale here. This information is subject to possible modifications without prior notice.

Mira el Sol by Elisa Storelli

Mira el Sol is a visual interface between the city and its environment, a visualisation of the Sun’s position from Mars in real-time.

A day on Mars lasts for 24 hours, 39 minutes and 25 seconds and is therefore similar to a day on Earth. Just like a sundial, the shadow projected will depend on the position of the Sun: in the southern hemisphere, the movement of the shadow is reversed in relation to the northern hemisphere. Furthermore, in areas further away from the equator, the number of hours of sunlight changes with the seasons, while in areas closer to the equator it is always similar. Therefore, the position of the Sun from Mars will determine the shape of the shadow that will be drawn on Torre Glòries.

With this visual interface, Mirador torre Glòries provides a unique experience that combines the vision of a city in transformation and full of life with a planet that humans have not yet reached. Two parallel perspectives that orbit the same sun.

Mira el Sol is the culmination of a trilogy that Elisa Storelli initiated in 2018 with Time Piece (Martian Deadbeat) and continued in 2019 with Mars Song, two works that also reference the red planet. The first is a mechanical clock that operates according to Martian gravity; the second is an auditory landscape of the wind on Mars based on a meteorological model and the effect of a lighter gravitational pull on sound.

About Elisa Storelli

Elisa Storelli (1986) is a Swiss-Italian artist who lives and works between Brissago and Berlin. Storelli investigates how the phenomenon of time changes and how this concept interacts with social structures. Her interests lie in studying the way that time has been kept and the influence that aspects such as perceptions, feelings, biology and language have on it. She works with scientific theories and historical non-western perspectives on time and turns them into artworks that are often technically demanding. She has named her practice chronomorphology.

Each one of the pieces by Storelli playfully associates a series of time-related properties and facts, in an anarchic and poetic way, to open up new perspectives on this abstract phenomenon.

Her work has been shown at Kunsthaus Zürich, the Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022, GAK (Bremen), the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (Warsaw) and Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart (Berlin), among others.

About the Llum BCN 2024 Festival

Barcelona’s light festival, Llum BCN 2024, will once again be held in Poblenou, illuminating and transforming the urban landscape with an incredible programme of light installations, which take place at different buildings and spaces around the neighbourhood between 2 and 4 February. Don’t miss this night-time landscape experience in the city, which makes us all vibrate.


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