Llum BCN at Mirador torre Glòries

The light festival, Llum BCN , will be held once again in Poblenou, illuminating and transforming the urban landscape with an incredible programme of light installations, which take place at different buildings and spaces around the neighbourhood between 3 and 5 February. Don’t miss this thrilling nighttime landscape experience in the city.

In this year’s edition, Mirador torre Glòries is sponsoring the light installation that will be projected onto the facade of Torre Glòries, one of the main venues of the festival. For this very special occasion, artist Richard Vijgen, who is also the creator of the Rhythms art installation on the first basement floor of the Mirador, will present a projection on the exterior of the building that will reflect, using real-time data, the wind blowing in the city, which dances through the streets and strokes our skin. The installation, which is called Atmospheric Lighthouse will be a unique experience that joins the narrative of Mirador torre Glòries, offering a new look at the city of Barcelona for discovering the role of one of the more invisible elements of our environment: the wind.

Enjoy a nighttime visit to Mirador torre Glòries

If you would also like to experience Mirador torre Glòries from the inside, don’t miss the opportunity of a nighttime visit during the Llum BCN festival.

On 3, 4 and 5 February, as an exception, Mirador torre Glòries will open its doors between 17.00 and 23.00 with a 50 % discount* off the MTG general admission ticket. Without a doubt, a different way to enjoy the city’s sunset and Llum BCN with views from a height of 125 metres, and also to understand, as a whole, the visual artwork that artist Richard Vijgen will present on the facade of the tower.

* Promotion valid from 3 to 5 February 2023 for online and ticket office purchases and until tickets are sold out. Only valid for Mirador torre Glòries general admission tickets. Check out all the terms of sale here. This information is subject to possible modifications without prior notice.

Atmospheric Lighthouse by Richard Vijgen

Atmospheric Lighthouse is a visual interface between the city and its environment, a visualisation of the interaction between the atmosphere and the city.

When the wind blows in the streets, it carries dust and desert sand, sea moisture or fresh mountain air, connecting the city to places that are hundreds of kilometres away. The airflow, which creates an urban canyon effect as it channels between the high buildings, absorbs the particles generated by burning fossil fuels and carries them out of the city. This complex interaction between airflow and the built environment is, in large part, invisible but essential for urban life. 

Atmospheric Lighthouse gathers and analyses atmospheric data in real-time to visualise the airflow around the foot of Torre Glòries. The speed and direction of the wind create patterns that continuously change, while measurements of CO2, small particles (PM10, PM2.5) and NOx affect the colour of the airflows.

Atmospheric Lighthouse is the first exterior installation of Mirador torre Glòries which, in line with its exhibition narrative, invites spectators to take a conscious and responsible look at the urban ecosystem of Barcelona, in particular, and of cities in general.

About Richard Vijgen

Richard Vijgen (1982) is an artist and designer whose work focuses on artistic data visualisation. He creates multi-sensory data experiences that visualise the invisible technological dimensions of reality. His work provides poetical interpretations of data and proposes a dialogue between the human perspective and the disembodied world of digital networks, algorithms and wireless communication.

Founded in 2009, Studio Richard Vijgen has gradually evolved into an experimental practice that explores new technologies, interactions and aesthetics to visualise the invisible. Richard Vijgen’s work has been exhibited in and collected by museums and art institutions across the world including Centre Pompidou, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Barbican Gallery, ZKM, Ars Electronica, Vitra Design Museum and Manifesta 12.

Richard Vijgen writes about data visualisation and digital culture and has published articles in the Yale Architectural Journal, Volume Magazine, New Challenges for Data Design and Parsons Journal for Information Mapping.

Studio Richard Vijgen is based in the Netherlands.

More than just an observation deck

Mirador torre Glòries is the new cultural experience in Barcelona. An amazing place, full of intrigue. An essential visit that goes beyond the spectacular panorama of the city from a height of 125 metres.


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