Rediscover Barcelona through cybernetic art


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July 28, 2023

Technology has revolutionised our lives. It has changed the way we see the world, how we communicate with each other and how we relate to our environment. This technological revolution stems from and is developed in cities and impacts the daily lives of the people who inhabit them. With technological progress, a new generation of urban vantage points has arrived. One that turns the contemplative experience of a viewpoint into an immersive and dynamic experience. 

Our space Hyperview Barcelona is an observation deck without windows that brings you closer to Barcelona’s pulse. How? Real-time data is the key. And the four art installations present the city as a living organism. It is a unique point of view of the Catalan capital that you will only find when you visit us. 

Phone photographing a cyber art installation.

We revolutionise the way you see Barcelona

The digital and cybernetic art installations on the lower basement floor of Torre Glòries collect data on Barcelona in real time, taking visitors closer to the infrastructures and systems generated in the city. The pieces of data art in large-format cinematic audiovisual installations combine art, technology and scientific information.

Each of the four installations presents the city differently. The Prologue is the first stop and welcomes you with a kaleidoscopic view. A forest of paper sculptures is the next stop in Hyperview Barcelona, where you can appreciate all the details of the diversity of species that inhabit the city. Some of the sculptures are accompanied by a screen that projects a short visual poem created specifically for the species represented. Barcelonians leaves behind the anthropocentric narrative of the city to focus on the metropolis’s “other citizens”. 

The last two installations are Atmospheres, which reveals the dimensions of the city that are the hardest to see, in a large-format surround projection and Rhythms, a holographic screen that shows the capital as an organism with its own metabolic processes.

This is a unique expression of cybernetic art in Spain, which you cannot miss if you want to delve into an unknown Barcelona that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to perceive. Make the most of your holidays to enjoy the city in a different way. Don’t think twice. Visit us this summer!

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