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May 18, 2022

Mirador torre Glòries is an incredible journey that allows you to take a fresh look at Barcelona. To make the most of your visit, it’s important to know a few things. There are two types of general admission tickets. The first, without the Cloud Cities Barcelona experience, gives you access to the two viewing platforms located on the first basement floor and the 30th floor, the latter dominated by the enormous installation by Tomás Saraceno.

The second type of visit to Mirador torre Glòries includes, in addition, access to the huge walk-in sculpture. The inside of Cloud Cities Barcelona, a structure made of tensioned cables (an astounding 9000 of them!), can be walked through, at a height of 130 metres. A formidable challenge. To enjoy this experience, you need to be physically fit and not suffer from vertigo, claustrophobia or other similar problems. Once inside the structure of panels and cables, you will feel like a child, overcoming slopes and sliding between spaces. It’s fun and completely safe but it does require a bit of skill and flexibility. The feeling of sitting comfortably for a while in one of the spaces, which are like clouds or nests, is inspiring and gives you a chance to reflect, which is ultimately what it is all about. Here’s a video tutorial with some important tips about how to make the most of the experience.

Visit Torre Glòries… without going through the main door.

To visit Mirador torre Glòries you have to go to Parc de les Glòries. You can get there by public or private transport, walking or, if you want, running. If you have any questions, on the Opening Times and Getting Here page of you’ll find useful information that could help. But take note! To enter Torre Glòries you need to walk away from it and look for the plant-covered entrance building. It’s right next to the tower, you won’t miss it. That is where your journey will begin.

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