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December 21, 2022

Are you planning to visit Mirador torre Glòries? After contemplating the city from the top of this architectural icon designed by Jean Nouvel, you will be near other really interesting places to visit. Torre Glòries is located in one of the cultural epicentres of Barcelona: Plaça de les Glòries and its neighbour, Plaça de les Arts, are home to some of the city’s most important cultural centres. Music, design, theatre… Visiting one of the best performances or exhibitions will be within arm’s reach when you visit Mirador torre Glòries. Here is a small sample of the cultural life of Barcelona that surrounds Torre Glòries!

Disseny Hub Barcelona, home to the Barcelona Design Museum

The Disseny Hub Barcelona is the closest building to Torre Glòries. It is a unique construction that began in 2001 and it has become the home of the Design Museum of Barcelona. Its eccentric rectangular shape leaves no one indifferent, nor do the 70 000 objects that the museum has on display so that visitors can discover the culture of objects in the 21st century.

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, home of the performing arts

Culture, culture and more culture. The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya’s building mimics the structure of a Greek temple and its facade is a marvel to behold for all those who walk through Plaça de les Arts. If, in addition to taking a look at the building, you decide to see one of the performances on its programme, you won’t be disappointed. Take our word for it!

L’Auditori of Barcelona, emblem of the city

Without leaving Plaça de les Arts, just next to the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, another emblematic cultural centre in Barcelona awaits, heaven for lovers of classical music! L’Auditori is an innovative space, expressly built to provide the perfect musical experience. It is unique in the city for its acoustic perfection, which, thanks to technology, offers an unforgettable stage for playing and listening.

The sound, the musicians, the audience… L’Auditori of Barcelona is one of the icons of the city’s music scene. Don’t miss visiting it after Mirador torre Glòries!

The Museu de la Música of Barcelona, a journey through the history and culture of music

If you would like to squeeze the most out of your visit to the L’Auditori building, you could visit its Museu de la Música. A space designed to become one for debate and reflection on music, a perfect example of how culture is interpreted in Barcelona. Explore the world of music in all its essence and discover how it affects our values as a society. It’s really, really interesting!

Cultural Barcelona begins at Torre Glòries!

A visit to the building will take you closer to Barcelona’s cultural scene. You can enjoy an extremely interesting visit to the Glòries area and take in some of the best performances, concerts and exhibitions the city has to offer. Visit Torre Glòries and discover the cultural scene of Barcelona!

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