Richard Vijgen illuminates Torre Glòries during Llum BCN


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January 24, 2023

A new edition of Barcelona’s light art festival, Llum BCN, will once again illuminate the streets of the Poblenou neighbourhood with different installations, such as that of artist Richard Vijgen. Since 2012, the festival has revolutionised the nighttime views of the city with dozens of art proposals by the best creators of light, film and digital technology art from around the world. For three nights, on 3, 4 and 5 February, you will be able to enjoy the magic of light that transforms the urban landscape of Barcelona. A programme that combines innovation, creativity and technology. What more could you want?

The outer skin of Torre Glòries is transformed with the light of Barcelona

Torre Glòries is one of the emblematic buildings that take part in the festival of light art. Nothing less could be expected of this icon of the Catalan capital’s skyline. The building has two layers made of different materials: the first is of aluminium, painted in 26 different colours and the second is of glass, evoking water full of light.

The skyscraper is like a geyser that rises from the ground and reaches the sky with its glass dome. It is the perfect canvas for revealing the life of Barcelona in real time.

Artist Richard Vijgen’s projection in real time

Richard Vijgen is the creator of a piece that will be projected onto the facade of Torre Glòries. Using big data and in real time, the artist will present the beat of Barcelona on the outer skin of the building. He is also the author of the Rhythms installation in Hyperview Barcelona, which, on a holographic screen, shows the city as a being full of life.

The projection gathers data in real time and will therefore be different each time you see it. This is an innovative experience that uses technology to bring us closer than ever to the systems that comprise the life of Barcelona.

Enjoy a 50 % discount off your ticket to Mirador torre Glòries

We bring you the perfect experience to enjoy the Llum BCN festival in all its splendour. If you would like to take in the best views of the unique light display during these three days, we propose a visit to Mirador torre Glòries with a 50 % discount. For a very special price, from a height of 125 metres, you can contemplate the urban layout of the Poblenou neighbourhood and its most emblematic buildings.

Book your tickets with a special discount for the nighttime opening hours between 17.00 and 23.00 and experience the beauty of the light artwork created by the best national and international artists. Sit, look and experience it with us!

The light will shine brighter than ever on the most iconic buildings and spaces around Poblenou. Barcelona will become the perfect stage and will shake up the feelings of everyone who comes to visit the different light installations. Come and live the experience!

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