“Mira el Sol” from Mars at the Llum BCN 2024 Festival with Elisa Storelli


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January 19, 2024

The Festival of Illuminated Arts, Llum BCN 2024, is about to dazzle Barcelona, and this year, the Mirador torre Glòries becomes the epicenter of a unique experience thanks to the visionary Swiss-Italian artist Elisa Storelli. 

In an unprecedented show, Elisa Storelli will present her work “Mira el Sol” during the weekend of February 2nd to 4th. This installation will project the time on Mars in real-time on the facade of the Torre Glòries, taking visitors on an interplanetary journey through the visual representation of the sun on the red planet. 

After the resounding success of the previous edition, which attracted over 220,000 visitors, the Mirador torre Glòries positions itself once again as a must-visit landmark thanks to the collaboration with Elisa Storelli. Her work, ‘Mira el Sol,’ not only offers a stunning spectacle but also invites viewers to reflect on the connection between urban and planetary ecosystems, promoting a conscious and responsible look towards our environment. 

Torre Glòries illuminated

Time in space: A cosmic experience in the heart of Barcelona 

Mars has its own temporal mysteries, and ‘Mira el Sol’ allows us to explore them. With a day duration similar to Earth but with unique subtleties, the shadow projected on the Torre Glòries will change according to the sun’s location on Mars. A poetic reminder of the complexities of time, Storelli’s installation transforms the Torre Glòries into an observatory and beacon of the city, offering unique perspectives of urban transformation and the red planet, both revolving around the same sun. 


A special night at the Mirador torre Glòries during the Llum 2024 Festival 

During the festival days, the Mirador torre Glòries will open its doors with extended hours until midnight (from 9:30 to 00h). Additionally, to celebrate this special occasion, it launches an irresistible 50% discount promotion on all tickets. So, what better way to enjoy the sunset in the city and immerse yourself in the magic of Llum BCN than from the top of the Torre Glòries, at 125 meters high? 

The promotion will be available starting January 19, and tickets can be purchased at the following link:  

Elisa Storelli

Elisa Storelli: Time explorer and chronomorphologist 

The talent behind this unique work is Elisa Storelli, a Swiss-Italian artist whose practice, called ‘Chronomorphology,’ merges scientific theories, historical perspectives, and non-Western views on time. Her work has left its mark on prominent places such as Kunsthaus Zürich, Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022, GAK Bremen, CCA Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw, and Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, among others. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore time on Mars and enjoy Barcelona from the heights at the Mirador torre Glòries during the Llum BCN 2024 Festival. Make your experience truly unforgettable! 


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